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When working with clients from the BRC Clifton office, our consultants are often asked what are the current trends in social housing recruitment in Bristol.

With more than 20 years of experience and expertise as a specialist in social housing recruitment in Bristol, Cardiff and the wider South West region, we are well-placed to provide advice and guidance to clients on industry trends.

As with any other sector, social housing recruitment is subject to trends dependent on regional issues, wider economic forces, seasonal variations and many other factors that impact both clients and candidates.

The current trends in social housing recruitment in Bristol include:

More social housing sector staff looking to work with refugees from the Ukrainian War

Increase in the number of staff required to work with homeless people after they leave hospital

The holiday season, which means more relief cover for staff Summer breaks

There are more people in Bristol presenting as homeless or potentially in danger of being homeless, so the demand for Housing Options staff is rising

Due to the cost of living crisis, there are more vacancies for Money Management Advisors in the social housing and supported housing sectors

At BRC we have substantial networks developed over many years and are able to help clients cope with increased demand for certain roles.

We also have a simple and straightforward registration process for candidates meaning we can provide the very best resources to new candidates.

With clients across the South West looking for skilled and enthusiastic staff we are able to assist them with their recruitment needs and have an up-to-date social housing jobs section on our website.

Our social housing recruitment consultants are available in Bristol to help with any queries that clients or candidates may have.

To find out more about our approach to social and supported housing recruitment, please visit here.

To find out more about the social housing jobs currently available with BRC Jobs, please visit here.

To register as a candidate with BRC Jobs, please visit here.

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