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At a time when competition for recruitment sales jobs is higher than ever before, BRC Director Ian Thomas has advised consultants to “find an employer with a focus on career development” to give the best chance of a successful career in the recruitment industry.

Ian joined BRC in 2009 and heads up the recruitment team and helps to oversee the development and training of recruitment consultants in Bristol and Cardiff.

We caught up with him last week to find out more about what BRC can offer those looking for a career in recruitment.

What makes a recruitment career with BRC Jobs different to other agencies?

“Being a small organisation means we pay more attention to our consultants. We have a team of 16 across two offices in Bristol and Cardiff.”

What type of individuals work as recruitment consultants with BRC?

“We have Trainee Consultants who join as Graduates from many different academic backgrounds. Equally, we have those who come to us with a background in sales, as well as some who worked in social housing. It is a varied team, who all work hard and have a great attitude.”

How does BRC support Trainee Consultants?

“We have a structured training programme which is delivered by myself and the leadership team at BRC as well as utilizing specialist external training providers where required.”

“Training on the job is vital for every recruitment consultant. They will spend time in our training room, but nothing beats watching and learning from other consultants. Every trainee will work with a Senior Consultant.”

What opportunities are available for recruitment consultants at BRC?

“All the senior team and Directors at BRC have worked their way up through the ranks. There is a clear career structure for all, with promotions available at regular intervals. This is uniform across the business and is the same for everybody.”

“All promotions are based on achievement and not time served, Of the five in BRC’s leadership team, three joined as Trainee Consultants.”

How does BRC retain consultants over time?

“Recruitment can be a stressful job and is target-driven, but BRC offers a high level of support and reward our recruitment consultants well. We offer competitive salaries, an attractive commission scheme and a holiday allowance as well as regular incentives.”

What can a recruitment consultant earn at BRC?

“We are realistic and honest about earning potential: on average people would earn £30,000 – £40,000 in their first year. However, top billers could earn in the region of £100,000 within 4-5 years of joining the business.”

What advice would you give someone looking to work in a recruitment consultancy in the region?

“Find a consultancy with a supportive and structured environment that has a well-mapped-out career pathway. The most successful consultants work in the same sectors and build relationships over time. Find an employer with a focus on career development.”

To find out more about a career in social housing recruitment with BRC, please email and mention this news post.

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