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The new financial year is nearly here, it’s a great time for the consultants at BRC to provide job-hunting tips for social housing sector recruitment in 2023.

The starting point is a CV, and it is vital to ensure that your CV is as good as it can be for any Social Housing or Supported Housing roles you apply for.

Present a professional and readable CV, and make sure that you get the main points across without being complex or wordy.

Read this to get our top tips on how to write the perfect CV for Social Housing jobs in 2023.

Utilise social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find new roles and vacancies.

Many social housing job vacancies are now advertised outside of traditional methods, and monitoring these platforms gives you access to more variety.

Sign up for a recruitment agency that specialises in the area you’re interested in. BRC only deal with Social housing and Supported Housing vacancies, so we are able to give candidates expert advice to find work in their sector.

Do your research on the companies you apply to, and review key facts such as their history, company ethos, mission statement and online reviews.

Be available to make prompt replies and give a rapid response.

This could be requested from a hiring manager, HR Department or your Recruitment Consultant. Recruitment is fast-paced and being available to answer questions, and queries, or attend an interview is vital in job hunting.

Prepare thoughtful questions in advance of every job interview.

This shows that as a candidate you’ve carried out research and that you have shown a specific interest in their organisation.

Follow up every interview with a Thank you email or phone call.

it shows that you appreciate the time taken by any interviewers to see you. A courteous gesture such as this can make a difference in the selection between two very close candidates.

Check out these top tips on what to look for in an employer.

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