Congratulations to Karolina on her promotion to Senior Consultant

We are delighted to announce that Karolina Borycka from our Cardiff office has been Promoted to Senior Consultant. We caught up with Karolina to see how she is feeling and what her new role will involve:

You must have worked hard to gain this promotion; how does it feel to have achieved it?

It was amazing to achieve something like this in the first two years of working in BRC. There have been a few bumps in the road, where I started to doubt myself, but with consistency and determination I managed it! The support has also been brilliant, hard work has always been said to pay off, and it has!

 How will you be celebrating?

I got the chance to go for lunch to Assador 44. I’ve heard loads about it and haven’t had a chance to go yet, so it was a lush treat! (Courtesy of BRC too!)

 What will your new role involve?

I will have increased responsibility and will be working closely with the management team in Cardiff. As a Senior Consultant I will be assisting with the integration of new team members and providing coaching and advice. I will also be managing key client relationships and identifying new business opportunities.

What initially attracted you to a career in recruitment?

Coming from a role in hospitality and just finishing my long trip around South East Asia, I knew that I needed to find a varied role, where communication and meeting/talking to new people each day is essential. Recruitment was attractive for many reasons, as it gave me the opportunity to meet new people, work alongside people my age (which was a nice transition from University) and to be able to see the benefits of hard work in commission too! 😉

What do you love most about working at BRC?

I love the fact that I can plan my own schedule (meetings etc) and also  everyone I work with! The management encourage everyone to focus on the big picture and long term goals whilst motivating you, and all your colleagues are there for you when you need a pick me up. Incentives such as the target hitter’s lunches in Cardiff and Bristol & the upcoming skiing trip also helps!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about a career in recruitment?

Recruitment is definitely something you need to stick at for a while to see the benefits, but also something that enables you to gain loads of transferrable skills. It builds your confidence and makes you very resilient, so don’t give up at the first hurdle and be patient. If you are thinking of going into recruitment, then make sure you give it your best shot, throw yourself into it and enjoy it! Recruitment can bring some lows, but the very high highs make it all worthwhile – trust me! 😊