Bristol consultants raise money for The Big Issue Foundation

Congratulations to Mark, Natasha, Kayleigh, Karen and Vicki from our Bristol Office who took part in the Big Bristol Sleep Out on Friday 27th February with the aim of highlighting the reality of homelessness in the city and raise money for The Big Issue Foundation. They raised a fantastic £514.

Mark Grove-Principal Recruitment Consultant gave his account of the evening:

“We arrived at Pip ‘n’ Jay Church in Bristol at 9.30pm with the weather still mild and dry, all of us wearing multiple layers for the night ahead. After registering with The Big Issue Foundation and being given our distinctive Red T-shirts (most of us managing to wear them the right way round, Vicki!), we went and found a patch to pitch our sleeping bags for the night ahead. At about 10.30, all 200+ participants were given a speech by the organisers that explained just why we were doing this – to raise awareness and funds for those who had no choice but to sleep rough on a nightly basis. All five of us were dreading the night ahead, but we had the luxury of knowing we would be going back to our homes in the morning where we could shower, sleep and keep out of the elements. We were then given an inspiring talk by a peer support worker from Second Step who had been a rough sleeper previously for about 12 months before Second Step helped him get his life back on track – a real eye opener to how lucky we are and how easy it was to find yourself having to sleep homeless. I got chatting to him later on and he had previously been a recruitment consultant himself, and now having been through the system, he wanted to help others who were in the same situation.

“We all settled down to sleep at about midnight and had a rather unsettled night’s sleep in the grounds of the Church with the wind trying to steal our covers, about half an hours rain and the general noise and hustle of a city to keep us awake! However, we all survived and made it through the night and have managed to raise over £500 for the Big Issue Foundation so far, so it was well worth it. I would highly recommend it to anyone as both an experience, and as a learning process to see how difficult it is for those who have to sleep rough on a daily basis.”

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