BRC to be Carbon Neutral

As part of our commitment to the Environment, we are striving to reduce our Carbon Footprint and ensure we are Carbon Neutral by compensating our emissions through funding equivalent carbon dioxide savings elsewhere.

Having calculated the Carbon footprint for the calendar year 2019, we have offset the total CO2 tonnes generated by funding a carefully selected range of projects from within developing countries that have strong additional benefits beyond reducing carbon emissions, including  health benefits, saving low-income families money and reducing deforestation.

Projects include:

Fuel Efficient Stoves for North Darfur Women

Efficient Household Cookstove Project Kenya

Borehole Rehabilitation Project in Uganda

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that during 2020 we will be planting trees for each and every permanent placement made which will see the carbon dioxide savings greatly outweigh the CO2 generated by BRC.